February 11, 2003

Bojon, The City

ha! so it turns out there is a city in Italy named Bojon. check out the following passage which comes directly from a trusty Google search:

    Not far from the marvelous city of Venice, lies Bojon, a small town inhabited by welcoming, polite and generous people who will help you visit their own town. The history of Bojon dates back to the civilization of the Veneti, who settled in the area long before the Romans came.

    If history does not attract you, there is the chance to have hours of fun offered by our company of actors; our theatre stages wonderful plays by Goldoni, Pirandello, Brecht but also those in the local idiom.

    Summer in Bojon usually offers several days of games among the inhabitants themselves: divided into several contrade they compete to win simple prizes (hams, cheese, eggs and other foodstuffs - barrels of wine included) offered by local shops. Some examples of competitions are pig hunting (believe me, it is the funniest thing you can ever try in your life!) or the funny attempts to push a cock into a goal without killing it, or at least not before the games are over!

hmm, road trip anyone?

Posted by bojon at February 11, 2003 12:46 AM