February 25, 2003

Bojon Loves The Mardi Gras

    Talkin' 'bout, Hey now! Hey now! I-KO I-KO un-day
    Jock-a-mo fee-no ai na-ne
    Jock-a-mo fee-na-ne

ah yeah, the Kingdom of Bojon is getting jazzed for our upcoming mardi gras party this friday, february 28th at broadway studios in san francisco.

putting the finishing touches on our plans for some slammin' brass, tasty hurricanes and beads galore.

broadway studios is located on broadway at montgomery in north beach. doors will open at 8pm and stay open 'til 2am.

from 8 to 10 we'll be spinning some funky, mardi gras-style brass and serving up 2 FOR 1 HURRICANES.

at 10, the Brass Monkey Brass Band takes the stage in full new orleans-style regalia.

Brass Monkey

if you have not heard these guys before, you're really in for a treat. brass monkey brings the full ensemble of brass energy in the style of new orleans' own Dirty Dozen, Rebirth and other brass bands, with a traditional lineup of tuba, saxes, trumpets, trombones, bass drum and snare.

after brass monkey, we've lined up a special performance by DJ Zuca, who mixes tribal, afro-venezuelan house grooves with funky, soulful live percussion.

DJ Zuca

and, of course, we've got beads, beads, and more beads. just received a big shipment direct from the french quarter.


caught an article yesterday that waxed poetic about the allure of beads and the inevitable "flashing" that accompanies them. explained one female college student enjoying mardi gras for her fist time:

    Everyone was throwing beads and there were just so many of them and they're so pretty. You want them all, they're so sparkly and fun. I decided after a long time of thinking about it that I would just do it. I flashed. And all of a sudden I was just bombarded with beads and it was so amazing because there is nothing like the thrill of flashing and having people enjoy it so much that they reward you with these little plastic things.

hmmm . . .

in addition, Trevor Hewitt and the mixed elements crew have helped us set up an after party at Cloud Nine. from 1am on, entry to Cloud Nine (7th and mission) is free for those with a bojon stamp. the Cloud Nine party will run until at least 3am.

advance tix will be available for this bojon gig via the site through thursday. tix will be available at the door the night of the show.

so this friday promises to be a doozie. come one, come all . . . it's gonna be a stone cold groove!


Posted by bojon at February 25, 2003 01:10 PM