March 14, 2003

Anger Management Begets Dysfunctional Encounter

the local san francisco news has recently contained attention-grabbing gems that read more like bestselling novels than real-life occurences.

from the cop brawl (fajita-gate) to the modesto woman's disappearance, the local section has been way more interesting than the sports of late.

anyway, an article i caught the other day takes the cake. two gents in the east bay who met during an anger management class decided to do some construction work together at the one guy's house. apparently, they got into a fight while doing the work and all hell broke loose leading to a knife battle, a slayed barnyard animal, and a vandalized vehicle.

here is the intro paragraph to the story:

    Two Fremont men who met at an anger-management class got into a brawl while working on a home-improvement project together, leaving a dead chicken and a trashed van in their path, police said Tuesday.

here is a link to the full story.

absolutely ridiculous!

Posted by bojon at March 14, 2003 11:55 AM