April 22, 2003

Killer Waves, Gnarly Locals: Part Deux

more info from our heroes, bryan and carl, as the adventures of the bojon surf team continue in El Salvador . . .

    Email 2, Day 4 (Wasn't going to write today, but last night was worth sharing)

    Yeah, you might want to scratch El Salvador from your "top 10 third world countries to visit" list. This place is pretty gnarly. Last night - this morning actually - I woke up and caught one of the local crack addicts (big problem here) INSIDE our hotel room. He was in the process of going through and stealing our stuff.

    The guy was so messed up that he didnīt even try to run. He kept having convulsions as he was standing. The police came and everything but there was nothing they could do. Somehow he managed to get away with about $50 from my shorts pockets. It could have been worse. Needless to say, tonight we are going to lock the door (donīt ask).

    On the other hand, the waves were great again this morning. That part of the trip has been fantastic. Knowing it gets windy every afternoon, we surfed for about 4 hours again. Thatīs about my limit.

    We head to the east side tomorrow. They call it the "Wild East." Canīt wait to see what itīs like over there. Iīd tell you that I wish you were here with me, but Iīm not too sure you would enjoy it. We won't have internet or phone access over there so I'll get in touch when we get back to the US.

    Itīs about time for my siesta.

sounds about sketch . . . sketchy

here are a few more shots from the trip:

waves galore . . .

go right

bustling city life . . .

no starbucks

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