May 05, 2003

Jazz Fest Day 1 - Rastaman Vibration, Yeah

the fellas rolled into new orleans a day early this year to get a headstart on The Fest and to throw down in honor of one of the bojon crew about to take the plunge into married life.

The Artist Formerly Known As Solo (aka The Artiste) has been a lifelong Bob Marley fan, and so the festivities took on a decidedly Rasta flavor.


we grabbed some eats in the french quarter at a casual joint called the The Red Fish Grill. Pee-Wee Herman paid The Artiste a visit as did many an inquisitive tourist snapping pictures and wondering what the hell was going on.


unable to account for ourselves, we took the show on the road and went to catch the Garage a Trois gig at twiropa. if anybody actually heard the band play, please fill us in because we were too busy cavorting to notice.


late, late night was spent back in the quarter looking for trouble. rest assured, we found our fair share.

Gold Club?

good times all around, and by the end of the evening we did manage to get The Artiste home safely.


Posted by bojon at May 5, 2003 10:24 AM