June 24, 2003

The Great Mahwah Monsoon

much of the old school Bojon contingent was on the east coast this past weekend to attend the nuptials of two of the crew.

Just Married

quite a cadre of characters flew in for this event, and it was truly a treat to be part of it.

Hill Reunion

a few days in NYC on the front end of the trip provided an excellent reminder of just how incredible THE CITY is. the whole place is one living, breathing bundle of energy. and the place never slows down.

we were out at 4am on thursday, and the streets were downright bustling. impossible to say where people were going, but impossible to deny that they were on some sort of mission. also impossible not to get swept up in it.


the anonymity of it all is at once refreshing AND unsettling. on the one hand, small problems become totally irrelevant as one is filled with a tremendous rush of what could be. on the other hand, one's identity shrinks to the size of pea against the backdrop of skyscrapers, speeding cabs, and fleeting dreams.

love it or hate it, you gotta respect and admire the BIG APPLE.

the wedding itself was held at the glenmere mansion about an hour outside of the city. quirky bunch of jersey towns out that way (ho-ho-kus, suffern, mahwah - the wedding party stayed in mahwah).

nothing quirky about the mansion, though. the place was top notch. the glenmere is a 32-room Italian Villa built on 150 acres with killer views of the glenmere lake.


the weather did not exactly cooperate the day of the festivities. in fact, it was a veritable tempest. driving rains kept us under a tent for the ceremony and inside the mansion for the reception.

no worries, though. it would have taken a lot more than some inclement weather to keep this crowd from having a blast. the band jammed, the food was superb, and the vibe was strong.

Mahwah Montage

besides, if superstition holds, rain at a wedding is a sign of fertility. so look out world, we're likely to have a new little league team on the way soon!!!

Let it Rain

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