July 03, 2003

Hey Oaktown, Can I Get A Woo-Woo?

seems like the east bay is sprouting all sorts of fads and cutting-edge trends these days.

first off, straight outta richmond, we've got the Homies - thumb-sized figurines of streetwise latino characters wearing over-sized urban duds and packing muy attitude. reportedly, these bario caricatures are sweeping the nation, having become exceedingly popular with both inner city and suburban kids alike.

Homie Dont Cha Know Me

then we have a recent news feature from oakland on Whistle Tips - metal plates welded inside a car's muffler that create a screeching whistle noise that is audible for almost a mile. residents in oaktown are trippin' about this one:

trendspotters take note: the east bay's got it goin' on . . .

Latino Mars Blackmon?

Posted by bojon at July 3, 2003 09:20 AM