July 22, 2003

Blubber Buffet for Uncle Whitey & Co.

a whale washed up on ocean beach the other day, causing quite a stir among the locals, both in the water and out. the partially decomposed creature turned out to be a fairly rare Baird's beaked whale that measured out to a whopping 41 1/2 feet.

Moby Dick

most troubling to the surf community was the presence of dozens, if not hundreds, of shark bites throughout the carcass. shark experts measuring the size of the bite marks estimated that some of the sharks were likely at least 18 feet in length.


shark experts also speculated that the whale's bodily fluids and its cantankerous stench were likely continuing to attract sharks to the area.

this hypothesis was confirmed by our very own agent mcbryan. fresh off his bigfoot siting in alaska, mcbryan was chased from the water on monday by a great white that surfaced about 15 feet from one of his buddies. how about them apples?

The Landlord

to read more about the beached whale and the shark danger, check out the article on surfpulse.

Whale Tale

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