August 07, 2003

Conrad, Oh Conrad, Time To Go Home

ah yes, this just in: Captain Carlito sends word that his adventures in peru thus far have been nothing short of swashbuckling. last we heard from the Captain, he was in pursuit of any sign of agent willie, who disappeared in peru a few weeks ago.

turns out the good Captain was coming up empty searching for agent willie through conventional means, and so he decided to go undercover disguised as a local alpaca hat salesmen.

Undercover Brother

excitement abounds. here's the report:

    A mellow rapids run, an insane 800 m mountain bike descent (that I am doing again tomorrow by the way), fifteen long bus rides and a five day trekking circuit around the Ausangate Massif later, and still no sign of agent willie. otherwise, I have been blessed with good experiences and good luck (not counting that thing with my stomach that just wouldnŽt go away).

    however, i now must part paths with the Andes mountains and bid farewell to my lovely and talented travelling companion, who is on to warmer and whiter (oh no you didnŽt!) mountains in Colombia.


    Next, I will be beating a path to the coast in search of the fabled kilometer-long left. Along the way IŽll be picking my childehood partner in crime and favorite bandito known simply as Comrade Z, master of the redwood bansai, the three-sixty between the legs reverse no look off your head finger-roll layup, and of course the Anchor Bay skim-surf world. We plan to leave no dirt road unchecked and no ceviche unsampled . . .

    and, oh yeah, i found agent willie!!! we came across him frolicking in a field with a peruvian goddess masquerading as a llhama herder. agent willie kept calling her his "fair maiden," and she kept calling him "conrad."


    truth be told, agent willie seemed to be quite well adjusted to the scene and rather fond of his captor. of course we immediately suspected Stockholm Syndrone, but since nobody seemed to making a big fuss about things, we didn't cause a stir.

    rather, we let the two have their peace for a bit and then made sure agent willie caught the next flight out. he should be home soon. aside from being a bit disshelved and a tad disoriented, we found him to be in fine spirits.


    now about catching up with Comrade Z and that fabled left . . .

marvelous work, Captain!!!

Posted by bojon at August 7, 2003 08:29 PM