August 11, 2003

Duffy Gotta Huffy

ah yeah, just about time for the annual pilgrimage to black rock city . . . and as the desert fest fast approaches, high time to get the ToDo list in order.

in preparation for his first Burn, agent michael O' Duffy of the O' Duffy clan picked up a crucial piece of the preparatory puzzle this past weekend.

that's right kids, agent duffy scored a huffy . . .

Duffy on a Huffy

nabbing a junker bike is one of the rites of passage to the Burn of course, and this particular acquisition was not without its twists and turns.

we hit one of our secret suppliers R US and picked out the no frills, no gears beach cruiser. grabbed the floor model which turned out to be the last cruiser in stock. only catch was that this baby had no hand grips.

alas, not a problem; rather, an opportunity.

pointed out the shortcoming to our sales rep and promptly requested a wee discount. not having the authority to grant such a request, the sales rep pulled in the manger.

to our dismay, the manager claimed this bike does not come with hand grips.

ah contraire, we argued. clearly such a fine cruiser would have hand grips. just imagine if it rained: the handle bars would get rather slippery, and that would be outright dangerous. we need a discount.

but alas, our argument was too strong. yes dangerous, the manager realized; so dangerous that the store could not sell a bike with such a defect. think of the liability.

ah shit, game plan backfires. tables turned. at this point we were ready to pay extra to take this puppy home.

fortunately, the manager's break time manifested itself, and while she hustled off for a doughnut, we scooted to the cashier and paid straight up for the cruiser.

and so, happy as clams, we made our way home.

check out some footage of agent duffy taking the huffy for a test drive.

one step closer to the Burn, my friends, one step closer to the Burn . . .

Huffy in the Stable

Posted by bojon at August 11, 2003 11:48 PM