September 08, 2003

Here Fishy Fishy, Here Fishy Fishy

The Take

Bojon crew hit the high seas this past weekend in search of some chinook salmon, and we did not come back empty-handed. pulled in 8 monsters averaging over 20 pounds each. our fearless leader, johnny dangerous, had the biggest catch of the day, a beauty weighing in somewhere north of 25 pounds.

dramamine and budweiser got the day started perfectly; calm seas and afternoon sun kept the good times rollin'; and cooperative salmon set us up for a tasty Baker Street Fish Fry that evening. grilled enough salmon to feed an army and had the rest smoked for later. expect to be giving out smoked salmon as stocking stuffer this xmas...

Mix & Match

Posted by bojon at September 8, 2003 10:30 PM