September 23, 2003

There Once Was A Man From Nantucket

Bojaunt to Nantucket this past weekend to take in the union of Saint Nicholas Beermonger and the lovely Ms. Traci. never did encounter the oft-referenced man from Nantucket, but did happen across a flying kevles, a chicken box, and the legendary Boy George.

Chickent Box

arrived on thursday and got out of the gates fast. a day of bocce and tequila in the yard behind our beach house led to some erratic behavior.

at one point, sir kevles decided to take to the air in an attempt to leap the patio furniture. to his credit, he cleared the lounge chair; to everyone's dismay, he did not clear the foot stool.

Flying Kevles

a bit of chaos ensued as the dangling ankle looked like it would require a tad more than duct tape. a trip to the hospital confirmed our suspicions, and, before we knew it, sir kevles was being airlifted back to boston.

the verdict: a broken tibia and a dislocated ankle. despite this set-back, sir kevles was able to return to the island in plenty of time to receive a hero's welcome and perform his ushering duties.

Hero's Welcome

friday was a bit more mellow, affording us the opportunity to rent some bikes and explore the town. Nantucket has everything you would expect from a New England-style vacation spot: quaint cottages, cobblestone streets, extraordinary clam chowder, shops with charm, bars with panache, and salty locals with attitude.

the wedding day itself was spectacular. caught a symbolic "last surf" with St. Nick in the morning as concerns about hurricane Isabel dissipated into brilliant sunshine and clear blue skies.


the ceremony was held later in the afternoon on an idyllic slice of pristine farmland. great setting, great friends. excellent vibe all around.

Positive Vibes

St. Nick was in good form all night, and Ms. Traci looked simply stunning. was truly an honor to be in attendance.


and yes, for the record, we did hang with Boy George, who happens to be a friend of Traci's. no sign of the culture club, but Boy George was in full regalia (as were we).

Boyon George

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