October 29, 2003

Der Flugtag Ist Am Meisten Ausgezeichnet


so Red Bull's got this promotional tour going right now that involves competitions in six US cities in which contestants attempt to fly homemade vessels over a body of water. participants are judged on three categories: distance, creativity, and showmanship, and the winning team gets something like $7,500.

sort of the bay-to-breakers meets fleet week with a touch of escape from alcatraz and a pinch of burning man.

anyway, the tour rolled through san fran last weekend, and the event was held at pier 38 with the participants launching over (and into) the bay.

once you accept the fact that the whole gig is one big commercial for Red Bull playing off of its "It Gives You Wings" tagline, the event is actually a farging blast.

turns out one particular craft was being piloted by a friend of Bojon, Huey Lewis. check out comrade Lewis piloting Puff The Magic Dragon off of the pier [VIDEO].

totally outrageous.

here are some other shots from the day:

more puff...

Drunken Knights

the magik carpet...


the funky chicken...

Fly Pelican

the red bull...


the oregon wagon...

Hay Ride




Let It Snow

and the eventual champion, a catapult called el toro guapo...

Midevil Missile

Posted by bojon at October 29, 2003 10:32 PM