January 14, 2004

Classic Penguin Smackdown

so this weekend is the annual Bojon board meeting in steamboat, CO.

the round table sessions were set to kickouff on thursday afternoon, but i ran into a little snafu trying to catch my flight out of oakland this morning at 6am.

some poor exection in getting out of bed and some untimely traffic along the way led to a tardy arrival. apparently, getting to the airport 27 minutes before one's flight is not enough leeway in these terrorist-obsessed times.

physically, i could have crawled to the tarmac, stopped for coffee, and still made it before takeoff. however, my [suspicious] snowboard posed too great a security threat, and so i was told i'd have to take the next available flight.

ok, when's the next flight out?



and let's just say that the Delta agent was "customer service-challenged."

was still mumbling about the incident when i got back home, and so i went right to the video tape to see how it unfolded. ordeal went down something like this...


so off to the boat i will head on friday... a day late, but perhaps a day wiser.

Posted by bojon at January 14, 2004 10:56 AM