March 12, 2004

Shake Your Groove Thang!

Lady Bojon

what an incredible week. bringing a new life into the world has got to rank up there with one of the best experiences someone can have in this dimension. have simply felt charmed ever since i woke up last sunday to my wife saying that her labor was kicking in.

Groove Thang

and here's a little supporting material suggesting that perhaps the stars were indeed aligned for us that day:

my role at the hospital was purely one of support, and i was totally cool with that. about two hours into the process, i was sent out to the drugstore to get a few odds and ends.

michelle asked that i pick up a magazine to help her pass the time. i think the orginal request was for InStyle, but i wound up grabbing another rag in that category called Self because that's all that was there.

anyway, by the time i got back to the hospital room, the labor situation had stepped up a few notches. before long, my wife put out the request for meds and lickety split a doctor/chemist rolled in the epidural cart.

good call. my wife went from feeling totally uncomfortable to feeling pretty darn cozy in a few minutes.

In The Zone

i put in the request to get hooked up myself, but everybody in the room thought i was joking.

so now with my wife in her own zone, i was left with very little to do but thumb through Self magazine. about the only thing i can relate to in these mags is the horoscope section, and so i gave it a look.

i'm not a big believer in this sort of stuff, but check out my horoscope for march (keeping in mind that last sunday was march 7th):


pretty incredible.

and then i checked out what they had to say about pisces (since my daughter was about to become one):


now that's cosmic.

and its been a joy watching little ms. cassady shaking her groove thang all week...

More Groove Thang

Posted by bojon at March 12, 2004 11:56 PM