March 20, 2004

You'll Never Get A Date With A Diaper On Your Head

Block Party

St. Patty's Day was again rockin' and rollin' here in san fran. warm, sunny weather brought spring fever out in full effect, and a tasty block party down on front street was just what the doctor ordered.

really, there's nothing like arriving at noon for a street party that doesn't officially start until 5pm. pretty much guarantees AWRY behaviour by the time the main event kicks in.

in fact, all concrete facts go liquid around sundown, and so the pictures will have to suffice.

we've got will-billy staking his spot at the outset...


a loose set of like-minded individuals banding together...

No Gang

the ether kicking in...

Bright Lights, Big City

the home team getting its green on that morning...

Home Team

and the rest of the roll...


btw, You'll Never Get A Date With a Diaper On Your Head is a profound little jingle that arose during a worldview discussion with the late night cab driver. tough to argue with the logic of those lyrics, i declared. the cabbie agreed.

Posted by bojon at March 20, 2004 02:16 AM