April 10, 2004

The Madness That Is March

March Madness

and then a request went out for updates from this year's vegas run during the hoops tournament. here's what came back:

    HAZMAT: just another 30 hours of legs & eggs


    YUM BEER: Just got back last night... the wounds are still too new for any real reflection.

    I don't recall anyone with a camera, which doesn't mean a thing.

    If we don't have any pictures of Kool Mo Melkon just substitute any file pic of an 80's rapper, slur the rap, and put a stripper next to him... that and $1500 will get you a lap dance

    There was definitely something illegal or wicked about Nick G. tagging in from New York at 11PM on Saturday. Even after having been there I am still vague on whether or not I have to pay up on my bet. If there is one thing i know through all of Hazmat's blabber, it's that there is no way a strip joint is call the Peppermint Rhino, The Spearmint Giraffe, or any other Minty Animal they claim to have gone to.

    With all his propensity to marry, rather to "engage" The elusive Mr Bigglesworth may have been the one who slipped Melkon's buddy the roofy. Check his ring finger for an extra P-ton ring... did anyone see him after the "incident." I did make a mental note that I am enough of an abnoxious loud drunk to wake up a guy who had just been roofed (kind of proud of that)

    Now that you got me going, didn't Kool Mo Milk loose the ring the same night he maxed the credit card(s) and had to leave the strip club... we all know even at 5AM he is still smooth enough to send Candy home with a shiny new Ivy League Ring and proud enough not to give up his Kangol.

    Yum Beer

    T-SPOON: I also find it rather suspicious that none of Marshall's belongings were missing from said "roofy" incident...wait, check that.

    As for my "engagement," 24 hours in Sin City with the likes of you all is all that this shadow of my former self could take. After Mylan "Lucky Seven" Stepanovich's magnificent run at the craps table at the IP with the rest of you clowns playing along without a clue what actually was happening (Arch: "Hey, hey, hey, is 7 good or bad?"), I realized that a Subway sandwich and bed was in order, else I end up at "The Minty Animal" spending, to paraphrase Dr. Black Shoes (I believe), "too much on entertainment." Regardless, I am disappointed that I missed NDG, although I would concur that arriving at 11pm Saturday is, really, wicked.


    KUNG FU: or leaving at 11pm saturday is really wicked.

    Kung Fu

    KID ROCK (ruefully): "I have spent thousands... thousands!"

    Kid Rock

    YUM BEER (in summation): The adventure started out grand... we made a group decision to skip staying at the Hard Rock because there was some sort of Mafia incident with the Two Brew Jew that forced us to not be able to give the hotel our credit cards and thus voided our reservations... so it was off to Paris where we promptly found a cab to the Hard Rock. Later that night we decided to blow off our reservations at the VIP Room at Light, again due to apparent Mafia interference... so we keyed up for our big day chillin in a Cabana oh never mind we missed that too...

    I think the real story is we weren't even drinking... just f@#ked up!

    Yum Beer 2

the moral of the story: there's just no substitute for being there... vegas is meant to be experienced, not described.

and so, yet again, it comes down to doin', baby, not dealin'...

Posted by bojon at April 10, 2004 03:45 AM