May 18, 2004

I Must Beat The Time

Ship Rolls In

fine showing at this year's bay-to-breakers race, san francisco's annual 7.5 mile trek through town that is way more costume parade than running competition.

a kenyan won the race in just under 35 minutes. four hours later, the tiki floats were still rolling [VIDEO CLIP].

a few of the Bojon contingent actually ran the race this year... and then we circled back, rolled in a keg and took in the madness.

Bandito Tribe

we set up shop next to the model yacht pond and interacted with the crowd.

Ship Rolls In

keg stands were common...

Keg Stand

as were some funky parent/kid combinations...


gotta love the "anything goes" attitude of this event...

The Kings

and the utter tolerance of the city (especially the police)...

Patient Swine

much like last year, the SF Chronicle ran some great pictures of the race and caught a completely telling quote from a tourist. asked what he thought of the race, doug bennet from Crane, Missouri said: "I've never seen anything like it in my life. I'm a hillbilly."

asked what would happen if this event came to his hometown, bennet repsponded that there'd be throngs of people "with Bibles in their hands telling you how bad you are."

friends, can i get an AMEN to living in the city by the bay.

Posted by bojon at May 18, 2004 10:50 PM