May 26, 2004

Don A Von Frank En Riet Er

Dropin In

another killer show rolled through the independent on tuesday, this time in the form of donavon frakenreiter, a pro surfer turned singer/songwriter who is on fire these days.

donavon follows in the footsteps of another surfer who has hit it big on the music charts, jack johnson. in fact, jack johnson and his new record label are producing donavon's first major album due to be released this month. further, donavon (along with G Love) are opening for jack during his tour this summer.


the show itself was stellar. donavon (much like jack johnson) has a lot of mellow songs that are better suited to chilling out than jamming out, and so the crowd was a bit mellow. however, he also has some high energy tunes that were great to experience in person.

here are a couple bootlegged clips of the action:

and while donavon may share a bunch of qualities with jack johnson, he actually looks more like dickie betts and seems to carry a bit more of a rock star persona than jack.

helping the cause is the fact that the rest of the band is totally polished. all of the players (drummer, bassist, keyboardist) have distinct "looks" and carry themselves with panache.

props to the opening band, ALO (Animal Liberation Organization), as well. they've got a groovy jam band sound that, at times, is reminiscent of the disco biscuits.

on the whole, a sweet night out on the town...


Posted by bojon at May 26, 2004 06:24 PM