August 08, 2004

Adios Amigos!

Two Muskateers

SF Bojon chapter losing two of its finest as agents mcbryan and the SilverFox have set their sights on lands far away from the city by the bay.

mcbryan is off to nicaragua to establish a central american outpost for the Kingdom. his first order of bidness is to immerse himself in the culture, gain command of the spanish language, and catch as many double overhead tubes as is humanly possible. then, once he has the lay of the land, mcbryan is going to start a surf camp and launch a shady import/export operation.

Home break?

the SilverFox, on the other hand, is heading to south florida to judge bikini contests, chase marlin, and host Bojaunts to south beach. he will also serve as the american arm of mcbryan's shady import/export operation.

South Beach

in honor of their impending departure, SF Bojon convened at the Dirty Martini for some raucous merrymaking. here are a few shots from the action:

the SilverFox with his harem...


mcbryan and ms. lulii

Bry & Lulii

fellas already feeling the void...


one upside: more ladies to go around...


goin' out in style...


damn, fellas, you'll be missed in SF... 'twas an excellent ride!!!

Posted by bojon at August 8, 2004 12:43 PM