August 16, 2004

Black Rock City Or Bust

oh my.

merry pranksters take note: there's a new magic bus on the scene, and boston Bojon's doug B FRESH is at the wheel.

check out what our boy got himself into by being the winning (ok, only) bidder in this ebay auction:

Git Some

and yes, 99 cents was the actual sale price.

lordy, lordy, this ride is purdy. check our her profile.


what a beaut!

gotta love the ebay description as well:

    This is an absolutely unique machine. It's a 1978 International Loadstar school bus that was converted to a camper many years ago. It was owned by my good friend, Dave, who lived in it for a number of years and built the unusual second story, couch, shelves, drawers, counters, etc. He moved to England about five years ago and now I am to sell it for him.

    The bus has not been driven for about five years, and the battery is missing. Dave bought and installed two new, expensive brake boosters just before he left, although the brakes are not currently functional. He says it's no big deal, just bleed 'em out and drive away.

    There was an engine fire at some point, which melted the gauges etc. but Dave installed new wiring and hoses and some new gauges (but not the speedometer; maybe it doesn't go fast enough to worry about speed).

    So maybe the bus is okay as a driving machine, maybe it's for parts, maybe it's your new home. You decide.

well, doug E fresh decided: there's only one place for a rig this sweet: Black Rock City!

Not For School

just a few minor details to take care of.

but our hero is up to the task. or up to accepting the challenge.

a stellar quality of agent FRESH is his ability to see possiblity in the face of insurmountable chaos. that and the fact that reality rarely plays a role in his decisions.

and, i'm happy to say, his latest report found him nothing short of optimistic:

    progress continues. managed to get the bus running (and moving) this weekend (had to hotwire the bitch!) tires are holding air. interior has been gutted, exterior has been stripped. Next weekend: paint job, brake job, inspection, interior design, sound system. and then i'm off.

that's right, FRESH, get that Loadster to the desert. we'll have a vat of electric koolaid acid just waitin' for ya!

Magic Bus

Posted by bojon at August 16, 2004 09:48 PM