August 31, 2004

Vicarious Ink: Out of Cambodia to Si Phan Don, Laos

Don Det Sunset

the bojourn continues for special K and agent pond.

we catch up with our heroes some where amidst the rice paddies along the way out of cambodia into laos:

    After Angkor Wat, we meandered back through Cambodia to Phnom Penh, then worked our way north up the Mekong River towards Laos. Hijinks ensued...

    Small Truck

    Rachel standing next to the world's smallest truck. Actually, I checked it out--it was originally a 100cc motorbike with an extended rear axle and a nice red aluminum shell for the front and the back. The gentleman driving it was quite pleased with our interest--I assume he had built it himself.

    Careful Elephants

    We see many road signs and billboards that seem peculiar to us farangs (Westerners, in the local parlance). Elephant crossing is definitely one that is rather rare in the states.


    and, of course, a motorcycle-riding monkey is another site not seen too often stateside. This primate commandeered a bike outside Battambang, Cambodia, but couldn't reach the kick-starter.

    Almost the Bayou

    the road to Laos actually was not a road a all. rather, a waterway taken by our boat at breakneck speed.

    Rice paddies and palm trees, a couple cows and a buffalo.

    Paddy Wagon

    and a whole slew of picturesque sunrises, including this one looking east across the Mekong at dawn.

    Mekong at dawn

too early to say mission accomplished (right mr. president), but these agents gotta good thing going out there in the wild...

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