September 20, 2004

DMB Rolls Golden Gate Park

Dave Matthews

dave matthews and crew brought their jam band vibe to golden gate park last weekend and tore the place up. dave is on his game these days, and he had a packed house in the polo grounds wrapped around his finger.

it's refreshing to see a band that has already achieved megastardom continue to play with passion and enthusiasm as if they were just breaking onto the scene. i've seen too many big name bands play large venue shows just going through the motions. dave, boyd and company showed no signs of this. instead, they looked like they were having a good ole time.

Tom Haan Cassady Haan

lady bojon was on hand for this show and was totally stoked. she's become quite the concert going babe these days, having accompanied her grandmother to a rod stewart concert at concord pavilion last month.

was killer to see a show in the park as well. the sound system was outstanding, and the weather gods dialed up a perfect afternoon. couldn't help but contrast this with the last big show i saw in the park: pearl jam about ten years ago when eddie vetter got sick and neil young tried to cover for him but kept force feeding Rockin' in the Free World. not that i caught a lot of that show, having passed out early on wearing an apron and wielding a spatula.

much better this go round, especially with santana coming out to jam with dave and close out the show with some apropos jimmie hendrix. our crew was thoroughly entertained...

Bojon, My Friends

Posted by bojon at September 20, 2004 11:01 PM