September 21, 2004

Uncle Velvet's Last Stand

Velvet Jones

one last rockin' party this past weekend hosted by velvet jones before he hits the bojourn trail headed for a year abroad in search of...

like every one of of velvet's gigs over the last few years. this soiree had all of the ingredients of an old school house party: costume theme (worldly), mas decorations, open bar, pre-mixed tunes, open invite, spicey crowd with an anything-goes-attitude, late night shenanigans, etc.

Velvet Jones

not enough of these parties to go around anymore. the club scene never lends itself to this much intimacy, and the bar scene always seems to lack cohesion.

there's just something about piling into someone's kitchen and letting loose that makes for an electric evening.

Velvet Jones

alas, bon voyage to our boy velvet. sorry to see him go. it's been a great run! always a bummer to lose one of the crew, but always nice to know that you've got a quality agent out there living the good life and spreading the bojon way.

peace out, my brother...

Tom Haan & Uncle Velvet

Posted by bojon at September 21, 2004 12:29 AM