September 29, 2004

Rollin' The Bago To San Diego

Magic Bago

and chaos reigned yet again this past weekend.

script called for seven marauders to embark on a classic bandito excursion to san diego in a stylin' winnebago ostensibly to catch the Princeton Tigers take on the USD Toreros in football.


oh my, this one had trouble written all over it right from the word "yes."

the week prior, we ran a series of computer simulations of the journey, and 100% of the time the trip resulted in total mayhem.

and these stats were nothing short of precisely accurate.

we picked up the bago in LA and had our first accident before we got out of the city limits.

fire hydrant: 1... sir Arch a Lot's driving skills: 0


but no worries, we placed agent kevlar at the helm (he of the flying kev-les), doubled down, and charged onward.

with the best of intentions, we decided that rather than smoke in the bago we would pull over every hour to fire up.

good call kroll. but alas, a great idea. poor execution.

first rest stop we hit, captain HiRew was drawn like a magnet to a fresh pile of rotweiler, and he tracked it through the carpeted cabin with amazing thoroughness.

dude, that reeks.

fortunately, we had some palmolive on board to... do nothing more than set the stench in for good.

triple down, and things started getting good.

and, really, the rest of the drive down was a blur.


we set up shop upon arrival in a trailer park known fondly as Campland.

ah yes, we quickly established ourselves as the neighbors to loathe.


they got a committee to get us off the block 'casue we sing our rhymes loud, and we sing them non-stop.

we made our way to a local bar called Long Boards and caused a stir.


well, this led to that, and by the time we got back to our bago, the once trusted kevlar had lost our keys.


no problem. that's what 24 hour locksmiths are for, right?

some of us did not care. others slept in front of the bago like hood ornaments.


light followed the darkness and a new day was born. game day, in fact.

but first, a maintenance crew was needed for some non-descript repairs.


and yes, yes, there was a game. and the tigers won.

our gang collectively caught about 8 plays. but the eight we saw were key. i think.

Go Tigers

sketchy behavior ruled the rest of the day. we linked with Suzzie and Tammy and found ourselves somewhere in the thick of La Jolla.

Hostesses with the Mostest

we made friends easily.

and a few enemies. easily.

but mostly friends.

you see, this is what we do. and we've got it down pretty good.

Good Times

sunday came too fast, but that's what happens. we gathered ourselves and piloted the ship back to LAX.

collateral damage: some.
mental capacity: compromised.
RV deposit: gone.

bago to san diego with your crew: epic!!!


Posted by bojon at September 29, 2004 12:09 AM