December 15, 2004

Raider Nation


and then it came time to take a little field trip to oaktown to catch a raiders game.

and oh yes, the carnival atmosphere we were hoping for was there.

was everywhere.

strong, strong vibe all around. pure, raw, infectious energy.

the concourse around the stadium was one steady buzz.

and we had a blast!


biletnikoff was there. and stabler. cliff branch. and dave casper. of course, the assassin, jack tatum. ted hendricks. even mark van egan. lester hayes. with his stickem. jim plunkett. howie long.

you see, the raiders have a grand tradition.

and the fans worship this.

marcus allen. yep. tim brown. for sure. bo jackson. well, he did run right over bosworth.

the long and short of it is that the electricity was tangible.


holy contrast: this event juxtaposed against a live 49ers game a few weeks back is simply RIDUCULAR.

good to see the ladies getting at it as well. old school.


and an exciting contest to boot. check out the time trent green had on this play.


he stepped up in the pocket and tossed a 70 yd ticket to paydirt with two minutes to go to win the game, 34-27.

raiders opted not to have janakowski try a 53 yarder a minute earlier. in hindsight, that was a mistake. but no matter.

the day was glorious.


Posted by bojon at December 15, 2004 11:29 PM