February 26, 2005

Saint Augustine In The House

St. Johns

here's a big ole shout out to a cadre of high school english students in St. Augustine, Florida who apparently have taken to tracking the Bojon Buzz as part of their class routine.

it seems that a certain heady instructor, the most ernest Mr. Little, turned his American Lit class onto the Buzz, and his students have responded favorably, finding the material a welcome alternative to some of the stodgy prose that otherwise fills the syllabus.

props to the good professor for recognizing the educational value inherant in the Bojon Way; and madd props to his class for appreciating the entertainment value intended for these thar parts.

guess it's time to tighten up the grammar and clean up the subject matter.

or not!!!

probably safe to assume that this crew is down with the conversational style and already hip to the shenanigans described herein...

onward and upward, my friends. peace out to the mighty peeps at St. J's!!!


Posted by bojon at February 26, 2005 11:15 AM