March 10, 2005

Big Wednesday

the surf's been active lately.

uh, you think?

Uh oh

some tumultuous storms around the aleutian islands near the gulf of alaska have kicked up some mack daddy swells for the last week or so.

in fact, the Maverick's surf contest was held last wednesday at the world renown big-wave spot in half moon bay. a twenty-year-old named anthony tashnick took home the prestigous title of year's annual event, which isn't held unless the waves are north of 20 feet.

"I was just lucky today," tashnick was quoted as saying in the sf chronicle's article about the event.

lucky... and good.

here's tashnick going big...


another charger dropping in...




and a killer norcal sunset to round out the day...


Posted by bojon at March 10, 2005 11:23 PM