March 30, 2005

Kiss Me I'm Irish


twas a veritable whirlwind tour this march, as the madness of the ncaa hoops tournament kicked off on St. Patrick's Day.

a thursday night of debachery in san fran stirred the pot in traditionally chaotic fashion. good fun, as the front street scene served up a reliably festive affair.

Front Street

but alas, the downside to the upside, as friday brought on a character-building airport experience. apparently, showing up 20 minutes before one's flight does not cut it. go figure.

yet another classic penguin smackdown as the 8:30am flight left without one disgruntled passenger.


no worries. except for the fact that all the flights the rest of the day were booked.

a plethora of blood maries tempered the waiting game until finally a spot opened up mid day.

all downhill from there as vegas offered it up right out of the brochure.


bunch of the usual suspects took this year off, but a cadre of banditos still managed to raise a ruckus. excellent to hang with agents proc and hi-rew. also cool to catch with a messrs harmon and eisman and a few other college mates. all was as it should be, and nobody got rolled.

an excursion to the MGM to catch the morales fight was a special treat. sweet to take in this live event, especally since we were styled by the big man as VIPs.


the whole fight was killer, but round 9 stuck out as the hottest.

Round 9

a boisterous saturday night rounded out the weekend as we conjured up a potion that we affectionately dubbed the leprechaun. lots of merriment ensued as we sprouted red beards and donned green hats. delusions of grandeur immersed us, while our conversations with the outside world were limited to one sentence: "kiss me i'm irish."


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