May 03, 2005

Jazz Fest 'O5 Day 1 - Release The Hounds

Jazz Fest

oh so nice to get back to the bayou for this year's jazz fest. after last year's wash out, there was a lot of pent up demand for this go 'round, and the fest delivered in spades.

our advance crew struck down wednesday night with the loose plan of grabbing a mellow dinner and catching a full night's sleep.

and, well, we got neither.

Three Blind Mice

pure sheYAMigans got the better of us as we hit the Garage show at tipitina's and let her rip.


after some late night krystal burgers and a few twitchy winks, thursday was on us in no time.

but no matter, the enthusiasm of being back at the fest was all we needed.

we hit the fairgrounds early and set up camp in traditional fashion.

Ground Zero

and once some of the usual suspects rolled in, it was on!


the line-up at the acura stage on thursday was especially tight. the middle part of the day was carried by the benjy davis project, donovan frankenreiter, and the subdudes.

Benjy Davis Project

nickel creek and jack johnson then closed out the session in fine form.

Jack Johnson

reports from the field had papa grows funk and BB King crushing the sprint stage as well.

B.B. King

and with a few compadres arriving fresh off the boat that evening, we hit bourbon street with a vengenance.

late night kept us in the quarter as we took in karl denson at the house of blues for the 3am show.

Latenight KD

around 5:20 they shut the place down, and as we filtered out of the joint i turned to the guy next to me and muttered something about the punk asses closing the place early.

nah man, the dude explained, the PA system broke about 20 mintues ago, and so the band couldn't play any longer.

ah ha, good point, we conceded. and so back to the krystal we went...

Posted by bojon at May 3, 2005 10:35 PM