July 08, 2005

Oh Agent_30, Where Art Thou?

it seems our direct connection to the youth of today, the illustrious Agent_30, has been MIA lately. reports back to headquarters have been sparse, and actual sightings have been rarer still.

but wait... could it be? yes, yes, a message from the field from our wanton prodigy.

what's the word, Agent_30?

    Ah ha, greetings to the Kingdom. While many moons have passed since i last caught the crew in New Orleans, rest assured that i am alive and kicking it, with an emphasis on the latter.


    The Pro Party Tour has rolled on as I continue to tear the nights away, like a frantic hamster in a newspaper press. You see, I am fast approaching an imminent marriage to the beautiful Foxxy one, and so this young Agent is making his final rounds as a solo warrior.


    A wise man once said: "The only way to prepare for the team is to perfect thyself." With this in mind I have committed to completing my solo missions with the finality of Mike Tysonís career.


    From the Fairgrounds to the North Shore, I have explored. From the Town to the Country, I've made the scene. From China Beach to North Beach and everything in between, I have touched all bases.


    But alas, as this tour draws to a close, i turn my sights to the Foxxy one that lies ahead. and i smile.


    Cheers to the Kingdom, and remember: just because you don't see me, doesn't mean I'm not out there.

    - Agent_30

and there you have it, my friends. Agent_30 making the elders proud.

Posted by bojon at July 8, 2005 11:26 PM