October 10, 2005

Air Jordan Gets Hitched


brother jordan went down with aplomb this past weekend as he and the glam ms. mary helen made it official with a classy ceremony down in socal.

lots to cackle about at this shindig including two tipsy golden girls castoffs who somehow hijacked the limo that was intended for the bride and groom. somebody call security!

however, the highlight of the evening had to be when mh serenaded the eeej with a stirring rendition of aretha franklin's You Make Me Feel [VIDEO]. ladies around the world take note: this is what a guy wants to hear on the day he is going down!

and so draws to a close an incredible string of weddings. six over a three month period: one on a beach, one on a lake; one at a yacht club, one at a country club; one at at a winery, one at a farm. and two others we missed along the way: one in the mountains, the other in nashvegas.

what a season!


Posted by bojon at October 10, 2005 09:18 PM