November 01, 2005

Long Live Huckleberry The Cat

Huckleberry The Cat

'tis a sad day in the Kingdom.

it is with a heavy heart that i report that the patron saint of Bojon, the great Huckleberry The Cat, is with us no more. my dear compadre had to be put to sleep today as his aging heart finally gave way.

this feline road shotgun with me for the last 14 years, and i truly feel blessed to have enjoyed his company for so long. he bounced with me from the east coast to the west. from norcal to socal. and then back north. 5 cities, 9 houses... 38 roommates. and along the way, this furry charactrer saw it all.

and he took it all in stride. if i learned anything from huck over the years, it's to take life as it comes, as smoothly as possible. his motto, as it manifested itself to me over time: "might as well relax 'cause we're here now."

i will cry tomorrow when my daughter comes out of her room and shouts for "Hucky-Bear."

but i will smile too, because this creature brought more than his fair share of joy to this world, and he lived a good, long, hearty life.

and really that is all any of us can hope for.

Huckleberry The Cat

Posted by bojon at November 1, 2005 09:19 PM