November 10, 2006

Long Live The Beermongers


and this report in from the field:

a score of beermongering was commemorated recently with a no-holds-barred shindig in the big apple.

perfect weather and a grand rooftop setting set the stage for an old school throwdown.

nicky g was right, this soiree should have started a 6am:

    exceesive drinking... check.

    boisterous shenanigans... check.

    vandalism... check.

    complaints filed... check.

    authoriteies called... check.

    diabolical ingenuity wins in the end... check.


and, just as the script said it would, things got out of hand. you see, by definition, beermongers will be beermongers.

just ask dean deignan.

and so, while this particular rooftop will never see the beermongers again (sincere apologies to CC), there will be other gatherings, in parts unknown, with similar results.

long live the beermongers...


Posted by bojon at November 10, 2006 03:28 PM