December 14, 2006

Super Condor Express

Super Condor Express

quick hit to utah past weekend to catch with agent smallaxe and get in on some early season turns. we set up shop in the main lodge at the canyons and hit the mountain pretty good for a couple of days.

the early season snow they had was solid, but indeed the mountain was in need by the end of the weekend (though help was on the way)...

Super Condor Express

however you slice it, the quality of the snow in utah is generally very good and this trip was no different. the fluffy stuff was light and airy and as it should be.

here are a couple vids of the action:

we surveyed the dreamscape side of the mountain on Day 1, scoring first tracks on a bunch of runs around the dreamscape lift as this area opened for the first time this season.

then we trolled the super condor lift on the second day, taking in some daddy longlegger cruisers. no doubt about it, the canyons offers up some nice terrain.

Super Condor Express

we also took the temperature of the scene in park city on saturday night and duly recorded seeing quite a few of yougsters getting rowdy.

a scooner or too many at O'Shucks, and we were feelin' brash. however, we reeled it in before crossing over to belligerent, and so everything stayed smooth.

and we scored our annual tour on the music taxi to round out the dealio. damn, our boy Zafod is on the esoteric end of the spectrum.

back to reality just as fast as we escaped... but a groovy little bojaunt all the same. and always good to hang with agent smallaxe, a mighty fine undercover brother.

Super Condor Express

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