March 24, 2007

The Thrilla In The Villa

March Madness

    Hey, diddle, diddle!
    The cat and the fiddle,
    The cow jumped over the moon;
    The little dog laughed
    To see such sport,
    And the dish ran away with the spoon.

yup, that sorta gets at this year's bojaunt to vegas for march madness.

chaos all around... loosely interpreted as comfortably disorienting.

nepotism had us dialed into an MTV crib scene at the mirage that was off the hook. we were stationed in a luxury suite called The Villa that was aptly named. the palace-like inside was topped only by the private pool and putting green in our very own outdoor compound.

Thrilla in the Villa

we stuck to our usual schedule and hit the hard rock on friday night. but alas, it seems the hard rock has jumped the shark. a light crowd that was short on characters had us beating a path back to the mirage as soon as we had gathered our posse.

and so back to the villa we went...

Thrilla in the Villa

and partied down with the usual suspects...

Thrilla in the Villa

along with some legendary OGs from yesteryear.

Thrilla in the Villa

the mirage lists an impressive array of sights to check out without ever leaving the grounds:

    - Secret Garden & Dolphin Habitat
    - Volcano
    - White Tigers
    - Aquarium
    - Tropical Rainforest

we saw none of these things.

but we did come up with a few activities to add to the list:

    - the trident toss
    - putting for shooters
    - bull in the ring
    - flightplans for old timers
    - snocones for good measure

and croll came up with an inverted dine and ditch that still has a bunch of us scratching our heads.

Thrilla in the Villa

speaking of croll, here's his damage report from the weekend:

    - Black eye
    - Upper teeth are loose
    - Cut chin
    - Lost Glasses (anyone have a pair of Maui Jim's?)
    - Pinched nerve in left shoulder
    - No chesthair

Thrilla in the Villa

no sleep on the activity list, except for the nap recorded by jon bon van winkle, and that was right through his afternoon flight on sunday.

madd props to the seattle crew...

Thrilla in the Villa

for bringing the party on sunday for the second year in a row...

Thrilla in the Villa

and a little shout out to some of the old school compadres who were otherwise occupied this year:

Thrilla in the Villa

for the recod, this year registered a "15" and was all about the posiedon adventure at the villa. may we all be fortunate enough to ever get there again...

Thrilla in the Villa

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