August 03, 2007

In Search Of Perro Bigote

Perro Bigote

well, well, ever since the dirty sanchez went down, news has been slow in coming from nicaragua. narry a peep from agent mcbryan and the imperial movement.

but alas, a road trip to the land of the sandinistas by brother biggs and pear cider turned up a perro bigote sighting and some juicy waves.

biggsy had this to say:

    The trips was amazing. Those guys are living the life down there. There are a bunch of gringos starting businesses and doing land deals but I get the sense that Bryan and his biz partner are taking it to another level. Will likely make some good dough while living a great life...and they'll have a killer set up down there when/if they move back to the states.

and as for the surf during the excursion, the pictures tell the story. check out brother biggs himself getting some heady coverage in the nicaragua surf report as he slides backside on a beefy ripple.

Perro Bigote

f*ing beautiful.

Posted by bojon at August 3, 2007 09:30 PM