September 29, 2007

Doobie Dave Matthews

Dave Matthews Shoreline

pilgrimage down to mountain view this past weekend to check in on dave matthews at the shoreline amphitheatre. packed house, good vibes, tight performance. whole band dialed right now and totally in synch.

here are a couple video clips from the nose bleeds:

rest of the set list went something like this (notice the Doobie Brothers cover midway through):

    Sugar Will (tease)
    A Dream So Real
    Two Step
    Eh Hee
    You Might Die Trying
    Dreaming Tree
    Grace Is Gone
    (Black Water)
    Louisiana Bayou
    Sister +
    Corn Bread
    The Idea Of You
    Dream Girl
    Jimi Thing
    Grey Street
    Stay (Wasting Time)

    So Damn Lucky
    American Baby Intro
    Ants Marching

bummed to report that some logistical snafus kept us from catching stephen marley open... but happy to report, dave and crew still shredding it!

Dave Matthews Shoreline

Posted by bojon at September 29, 2007 09:24 PM