November 09, 2007

Long Live The Siberian Sunrise

Siberian Sunrise

ah yes, a solid collection of digital archives have rolled through, providing a refreshing flashback to our modest little outpost along the deep playa.

first, the great heracean weaved together a clever bojaunt through our favorite gulag, posted at

[hint: follow the hidden links 'til you get to the fire]

Siberian Sunrise

then, DJ Clark laced together some groovin' tracks that evoke the two magical sets he conjured up on consecutive mornings out there on the edge.

clarkie provided a link to the download, and added this intro missive:

    So I dont normally do a mix right after burning man b/c frankly, I'm burned out. But I was very inspired by a couple of sunrise sets I played out there this year at my favorite little bar outside of The Deep End, Siberian Sunrise. For those of you that were there - I think you agree - it was really special.

    I put together a collection of sexy, soulful more mellow tracks than I normally bang out. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope it brings those that were there right back to where we were.

Siberian Sunrise

and then uncle velvet and agent fresh dialed up a video slideshow featuring the professionally shot polaroids that decorated the front of our distressed wood watering hole. check it...

ah yes, long live the Siberian Sunrise....

Posted by bojon at November 9, 2007 10:21 PM