October 30, 2009

Ain't Life Grand In North Cackalacky

nice to get a little missive the other day from hoddy body reporting in that the Bojon wrightsville chapter is still out there disturbing the peace.

the word from the field...

    T, some grist for the mill from the homeland.

    Panic and the Allman Brothers on a perfect Sunday afternoon in Cackalacky? Let's play through.

    The usual suspects join the melee...

    Bojon Wrightsville Beach Chapter

    date night?

    Bojon Wrightsville Beach Chapter

    recently single (according to facebook)...

    Bojon Wrightsville Beach Chapter

    John Bell and the boys ripped it up... usual style... did somebody say tall boy? Yep, got that one covered.

    Bojon Wrightsville Beach Chapter

    widespread panic set list:

    1 x 1
    Proving Ground
    Holden Oversoul
    Little Lilly
    Tie Your Shoes
    City of Dreams
    B of D
    Barstools and Dreamers
    Ribs And Whiskey*
    Stop Breakin' Down Blues*
    Ribs And Whiskey*
    Tall Boy
    Ain't Life Grand

    * with Warren Haynes on guitar
    [with The Allman Brothers]

    and the crowd at the walnut creek amphitheater in raleigh was pleased...

    Bojon Wrightsville Beach Chapter

    And then Greg Allman and the boys got to it...

    1. Don't Want You No More
    2. It's Not My Cross To Bear
    3. Done Somebody Wrong
    4. Don't Keep Me Wonderin'>
    5. Only You Know And I Know with James van de Bogert, drums
    6. Can't Find My Way Home with John Bell, guitar & vocals; James van de Bogert, drums
    7. No One To Run With
    8. Who's Been Talking
    9. You Don't Love Me
    10. The Same Thing
    11. Melissa
    12. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed with Jimmy Herring, guitar
    13. Southbound
    with Jimmy Herring, guitar; Jojo Hermann, piano; David Schools, bass

    Bojon Wrightsville Beach Chapter

    By the time we got to Can't Find My Way Home, well, we couldn't... so Southbound we were.

    No one left to run with? Hardly.

refreshing to see the Bojon wrightsville chapter stretching it's legs. a rolling stone gathers no moss, my friends...

Posted by bojon at October 30, 2009 11:40 PM