March 13, 2007

How's Your ASPEN?

Aspen Bojon

jolly ole foray to aspen CO a few weeks back to carve some turns and dial up a little rocky mountain high.

hadn't been to aspen for a few years, and it was great to get back. a few venues have changed ownership, but on the whole the town was very much like it was a decade ago. j-bar at the jerome, eric's, little annie's, boogies diner... all still there. biggest change we noticed was that the double diamond is now called the Belly Up, but even that change was negligible since the venue is pretty much identical.

Aspen Bojon

we tracked down agent kevles who is logging some time in snowmass working at the rocky mountain institute helping to "foster the efficient and restorative use of resources to make the world secure, just, prosperous, and life-sustaining."

rather heady stuff that brother kevlar is tackling these days. and he's also hitting the mountain with much frequency, and it showed in some vastly improved snowboarding skillz. shell, kevles and i had a blasting ripping some runs on The Big Burn at snowmass.

Aspen Bojon

also made a point of snowboarding ajax for a day. this legendary mountian only started allowing snowboarders on the hill a few years ago, and so this was our first time to carve these slopes with a board (after having skiied it for years). was totally stoked to hit all my old favorite runs on a board (bell, genetleman's ridge, ruthies).

here are a couple video clips for the action:

nice to get a little refresher course on the fact that there are a bunch of good people living a groovy life up in the rockies, far removed from the daily grind. good little perspective check and reminder that the bojon is out there...

Aspen Bojon

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