September 29, 2003

Bojon Brings The Disco Funk

ah yeah, time to lace up those boogey shoes . . .

Jungle Boogey

that's right, the Kingdom of Bojon has dialed up a groovy Funk-A-Delic disco bash for this saturday, october 4th at broadway studios in san francisco.

break out the bell bottoms and the polyester 'cause we're goin' retro this time complete with lava lamps, live disco, and pinky tuscadero.


doors will open at 8pm and stay open 'til 2am. arrive early to beat the line and take advantage of the ELECTRIC KOOL-AID SPECIAL - ONLY $3 PER DOSE ('til 10pm).

Acid Test

the opening band, Justi-Fi, comes on at 9:30, offering up some high energy old-school funk mixed with a splash of hip-hop/reggae.

DIVALICIOUS then takes the stage and lays down the groovy funk starting around 10:15. Fronted by three sultry disco divas and backed by an outta sight rhythm section, DIVALICIOUS puts on a dy-no-mite live show.


following DIVALICIOUS, DJ Manny Black will keep the jive alive, spinning some funk classics before transitioning to a little hip-hop.

score ADVANCE tickets ($14) for this funky soiree to save some cash and avoid the line. the deadline for advance tix is friday, october 3rd. regular tix ($20) will be available at the door the night of the show.

contacted at his cabana somewhere near wrightsville beach, the Bojon founder himself waxed nostalgic about his vintage funk forays:

    Dancin' and singin' and movin' to the groovin'
    And just when it hit me somebody turned around and shouted
    Play that funky music white boy
    Play that funky music right
    Play that funky music white boy
    Lay down that boogie and play that funky music till you die
    Till you die , oh till you die

Lava Flow

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September 23, 2003

There Once Was A Man From Nantucket

Bojaunt to Nantucket this past weekend to take in the union of Saint Nicholas Beermonger and the lovely Ms. Traci. never did encounter the oft-referenced man from Nantucket, but did happen across a flying kevles, a chicken box, and the legendary Boy George.

Chickent Box

arrived on thursday and got out of the gates fast. a day of bocce and tequila in the yard behind our beach house led to some erratic behavior.

at one point, sir kevles decided to take to the air in an attempt to leap the patio furniture. to his credit, he cleared the lounge chair; to everyone's dismay, he did not clear the foot stool.

Flying Kevles

a bit of chaos ensued as the dangling ankle looked like it would require a tad more than duct tape. a trip to the hospital confirmed our suspicions, and, before we knew it, sir kevles was being airlifted back to boston.

the verdict: a broken tibia and a dislocated ankle. despite this set-back, sir kevles was able to return to the island in plenty of time to receive a hero's welcome and perform his ushering duties.

Hero's Welcome

friday was a bit more mellow, affording us the opportunity to rent some bikes and explore the town. Nantucket has everything you would expect from a New England-style vacation spot: quaint cottages, cobblestone streets, extraordinary clam chowder, shops with charm, bars with panache, and salty locals with attitude.

the wedding day itself was spectacular. caught a symbolic "last surf" with St. Nick in the morning as concerns about hurricane Isabel dissipated into brilliant sunshine and clear blue skies.


the ceremony was held later in the afternoon on an idyllic slice of pristine farmland. great setting, great friends. excellent vibe all around.

Positive Vibes

St. Nick was in good form all night, and Ms. Traci looked simply stunning. was truly an honor to be in attendance.


and yes, for the record, we did hang with Boy George, who happens to be a friend of Traci's. no sign of the culture club, but Boy George was in full regalia (as were we).

Boyon George

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September 15, 2003

Diggin' The Views In Santa Cruz

Endless Summer

team Bojon took the show to santa cruz this past weekend to hang on the beach and take part in the prestigious Santa Cruz Invitational Bocce Tournament.

perfect weather, tasty waves, and a world-class bocce course made for an all-world positive weekend.

Endless Summer II

the bocce tournament itself was a hotly contested event with eight elite teams vying for the title. the massive tide swings caused by the near full moon transformed the traditionally long-ball course into a decidedly short-ball affair. this leveled the playing field and gave every team a realistic chance at glory.

Santa Cruz Invitational

nevertheless, the top-seeded team of tiger tom and johnny dangerous blew through its half of the draw and stormed into the finals as the clear-cut favorite. however, it was the cagey father and son pairing of Team Haan that emerged victorious, gunning down the giants with a clutch combination of craft and guile.

Bragging Rights

a killer BBQ, some hot-tubbing on the roof deck, and a monster game of liars dice put the finishing touches on a stone cold chillin' weekend...


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September 08, 2003

Here Fishy Fishy, Here Fishy Fishy

The Take

Bojon crew hit the high seas this past weekend in search of some chinook salmon, and we did not come back empty-handed. pulled in 8 monsters averaging over 20 pounds each. our fearless leader, johnny dangerous, had the biggest catch of the day, a beauty weighing in somewhere north of 25 pounds.

dramamine and budweiser got the day started perfectly; calm seas and afternoon sun kept the good times rollin'; and cooperative salmon set us up for a tasty Baker Street Fish Fry that evening. grilled enough salmon to feed an army and had the rest smoked for later. expect to be giving out smoked salmon as stocking stuffer this xmas...

Mix & Match

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September 03, 2003

Burning Man 2003: Beyond Belief

Welcome Home

well, Bojon's no authority on Burning Man. we don't even star as such on TV. in fact, last year (2002) was our first visit to black rock city.

however, we are fans. BIG FANS. and participants. MADD PARTICIPANTS. totally dig the free spirit atmosphere of it all. so much creative energy. so much passion. so much diabolical ingenuity.

and this year's go 'round on the playa was just as killer as the first. perhaps not as mind-blowing (since we had a better clue of what to expect). but just as mind-bending. clearly, a little experience goes a long way.

Jumper Mania


so here are a couple random musings about the scene...

ART INSTALLATIONS...perhaps the most impressive element of the equation. structures of all shapes and sizes. all with a purpose, all with a meaning. a 70 ton Temple of Gravity with curved steel rods suspending slabs of granite, a large sculture of a hand (the Hand of God) throwing flames 500 feet in the air, an over-sized chandellier meant to look like it fell from heaven, an 80-foot-tall, kremlin-like temple devoted to the spirits of the living and the dead...each piece totally thought out and amazing. collectively, simply freakin' incredible.

From Up Above


THEME CAMPS...with names such as Biolumaniti, Metamorhphia, LaserKaba, The Kaleidosphere, The Rabbit Hole (Drive Thru), and Ubercarney, theme camps were anything from two tents and an attitude to full-fledged, self-sustaining villages. each camp more or less had its own angle, and each welcomed visitors throughout the day. we mainly hung out at the Deep End and Pinky's, but any number of places would have been killer.

The Deep End


BIKING THE the bomb. traversing black rock city on foot is no way to check things out. bikes are the primary transport of choice and the best way to get to see it all [VIDEO]. besides, it's down hill in all directions.

All Down Hill


ART VEHICLES...provide yet another convenient means for scoping out the scene. or making the scene, as the case may be. no way to classify the art vehicles on the playa: they range from kicked-back, motorized recliners [VIDEO] to 40 foot white whales to mad max hover crafts. and everything in between. and more.

Art Cars


DAILY EVENTS...what events? oh, the scheduled events: activities like yoga classess, face painting, star gazing, cross dressing, ankle biting, basket(ball) weaving, archery, chicanery, and so on. and, of course, critical tits. we missed most of this stuff. most, but not all.

Critical Tits

---------- holds barred. sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll. well, very little rock-n-roll. mostly techno. but plenty of sex and drugs. and a heavy doze of hanging out with cool people, friends and strangers alike.



THE MAN...and yes, virginia, there is a Man, and he is at the center of it all, both literally and figuratively. i guess you could try to avoid forging a personal relationship with The Man. but why? get to know The Man and you get to know a little more about yourself. watch The Man burn, grieve for the loss. but then venture on injected with insight, knowing that the cathartic burn awards you a fresh start. and yes, The Man does burn [VIDEO].

The Man


if there's a better festival out there, somebody tell me where it is. there may be, but i'm guessing it's not on this planet.

anyway, i could go on and on, but, either you've been there and you know what it's all about, or you haven't and you really need to go check it out in person.

Bring on '04

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