January 19, 2004

Jamaica Me Danish

ja mon, Dah Biggest Bunny is turning heads down in montego bay these days, and it's not because he's sporting a 7 foot rabbit suit...

The White Rabbit

rather, the greatest of danes is taking the island by storm after launching the Jamaican Bobsled Team store in the montego bay airport. better back off Red Stripe, there's a new Lowenbrau in town, and he's got a hop to his step we haven't seen since the last world cup.

Happy Hour

the word from abroad is that the store is blowin' up, so much so that a few local bureaucrats felt a bit threatened at the outset. however, a few honors grads from the Vesty Academy of Diplomacy apparently have been able to smooth things out, and as of this printing everything was ROLLING.

Cool Runnings

continued good fortune, my brother, you're making the Kingdom proud!

Go Ask Alice

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January 18, 2004

Droppin' Some NYC

word on the street is that Bojon NYC got its funk ON about right this past weekend, as downtown omar brown led the east coast contingent through a glorious night of revelry.

O-Meter Runnin' High

these cats have been throwing this party annually for the last six years, and from the looks of things the shiznit was feugo this go 'round.

here's the report brother O sent in:

    May the Funk be in You,

    And also in You.


    multi-directional FUNK was the theme for the night, as team NYC brought the Funk-A-Delic Ball back to life for round 6. Even after many smooth years of Moving, Shaking and Freaking, The Crane Club on the Upper West Side of Manhattan is still the Funkiest spot in The Big Apple.

    Gold Member

    The crowd came correct with big hair, big game, and big attitude. This put the stone cold groove back in circulation with 6 inch platforms and 12 inch afro’s all throughout the joint. If you couldn’t find your funk space in this spot, you may need a transfusion from planet booty to bring out the heat next time.

    Rumor Mill

    ‘Til 2005, Funk All Y’all.



word to your mother, NYC!! a nice reminder that you don't choose the funk: the funk chooses you... so let it flow, let yourself go, slow and low, that is the tempo...


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January 16, 2004

Bojon In The AMAZON

the real last samurai, sir arch a lot, the great irish prussian orthodox, was strong to represent the Bojon while mixing it up with the natives somewhere deep in Brazil along the Amazon.

Your Guide

taming the FIESTY...

Fish Story

TAMING the fiesty...

Too Much Ether


Got One

conniving back in the Kingdom...


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January 15, 2004

Diggin' The Flow In Redondo

double overhead and glassy. gotta love that.

agent mcbyran sent in these stellar photos taken in front of his friend kip's house in redondo beach:


The Slot


The Tube

SoCal feelin' it...

Ride Share

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January 14, 2004

Classic Penguin Smackdown

so this weekend is the annual Bojon board meeting in steamboat, CO.

the round table sessions were set to kickouff on thursday afternoon, but i ran into a little snafu trying to catch my flight out of oakland this morning at 6am.

some poor exection in getting out of bed and some untimely traffic along the way led to a tardy arrival. apparently, getting to the airport 27 minutes before one's flight is not enough leeway in these terrorist-obsessed times.

physically, i could have crawled to the tarmac, stopped for coffee, and still made it before takeoff. however, my [suspicious] snowboard posed too great a security threat, and so i was told i'd have to take the next available flight.

ok, when's the next flight out?



and let's just say that the Delta agent was "customer service-challenged."

was still mumbling about the incident when i got back home, and so i went right to the video tape to see how it unfolded. ordeal went down something like this...


so off to the boat i will head on friday... a day late, but perhaps a day wiser.

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January 09, 2004

Wishing Good Times For 2004


lucky charms were a' plenty at Delicious Karma's Wish party for New Year's Eve. packed warehouse scene that was refreshing in its all-world positive vibe. killer decor, stiff cocktails, and the right amount of mystique for those dabbling in the dark arts.

here are a few shots from the evening. a bunch of other pictures are posted on a site called Eventvibe.

sistas in charge...




three muskateers...


match.com: over 8 million possibilities...




yes, please...

Monkey and the Engineer

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