March 30, 2004

Parisian Bojon

doc fryer'd be stoked

the feisty tiger himself sent in this shot taken during a recent bojaunt to Val D'isere to carve some turns and take in the scenery with lady sian and captain brown. out of bounds only defined by your imagination, from what i am told.

this particular pic taken just off the gondola at the grand motte - the highest peak at Val D'isere - with the french alps serving as the grandest of backdrops.

um o' dat!!

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March 26, 2004

Actually, What Is A Skateboard?


a recent encounter with agent woodlock uncovered a humorous little tale involving his most precocious progeny, the quinnest of wyatts. it seems the young jedi has recently taken to calling out items that he would like as future gifts.

for christmas i want a... for easter i would like a... next saturday, i hope to receive a...

well, one such assertion led to a rather existential inquiry from our youthful prodigy.

"for my birthday," quinn declared as he rode in the car with with his ma, "i want a skateboard."

and then, after a moment's reflection: "actually mom, what is a skateboard?"

ah ha. gotta love the sincerity, the candor, and the utterly unabashed innocence. we'd all do well to sample a dose of that purity...

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March 25, 2004

South African Bojon

check out comrade josepi flanked by some of the Kustelski clan getting their bojourn on near johannesburg. joey k returned from this trip and promptly gave his notice at work. "there's more out there than this cube," he told his boss.


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March 20, 2004

You'll Never Get A Date With A Diaper On Your Head

Block Party

St. Patty's Day was again rockin' and rollin' here in san fran. warm, sunny weather brought spring fever out in full effect, and a tasty block party down on front street was just what the doctor ordered.

really, there's nothing like arriving at noon for a street party that doesn't officially start until 5pm. pretty much guarantees AWRY behaviour by the time the main event kicks in.

in fact, all concrete facts go liquid around sundown, and so the pictures will have to suffice.

we've got will-billy staking his spot at the outset...


a loose set of like-minded individuals banding together...

No Gang

the ether kicking in...

Bright Lights, Big City

the home team getting its green on that morning...

Home Team

and the rest of the roll...


btw, You'll Never Get A Date With a Diaper On Your Head is a profound little jingle that arose during a worldview discussion with the late night cab driver. tough to argue with the logic of those lyrics, i declared. the cabbie agreed.

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March 12, 2004

Shake Your Groove Thang!

Lady Bojon

what an incredible week. bringing a new life into the world has got to rank up there with one of the best experiences someone can have in this dimension. have simply felt charmed ever since i woke up last sunday to my wife saying that her labor was kicking in.

Groove Thang

and here's a little supporting material suggesting that perhaps the stars were indeed aligned for us that day:

my role at the hospital was purely one of support, and i was totally cool with that. about two hours into the process, i was sent out to the drugstore to get a few odds and ends.

michelle asked that i pick up a magazine to help her pass the time. i think the orginal request was for InStyle, but i wound up grabbing another rag in that category called Self because that's all that was there.

anyway, by the time i got back to the hospital room, the labor situation had stepped up a few notches. before long, my wife put out the request for meds and lickety split a doctor/chemist rolled in the epidural cart.

good call. my wife went from feeling totally uncomfortable to feeling pretty darn cozy in a few minutes.

In The Zone

i put in the request to get hooked up myself, but everybody in the room thought i was joking.

so now with my wife in her own zone, i was left with very little to do but thumb through Self magazine. about the only thing i can relate to in these mags is the horoscope section, and so i gave it a look.

i'm not a big believer in this sort of stuff, but check out my horoscope for march (keeping in mind that last sunday was march 7th):


pretty incredible.

and then i checked out what they had to say about pisces (since my daughter was about to become one):


now that's cosmic.

and its been a joy watching little ms. cassady shaking her groove thang all week...

More Groove Thang

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March 08, 2004

Lady Bojon Has Arrived!!!

say hello to Cassady Elizabeth who joined this world on Sunday, March 7th.

Lady Bojon

mom and baby are doing great.

papa is a bit frazzled... but otherwise about as thrilled as can be!

Proud Parents

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