July 25, 2004

Vicarious Ink: Sihanoukville, Phnom Penh & Further

special K and agent pond continuing to blaze a trail through the asia pacfic.

latest update included this excerpt:

    we're now in laos. this country could not be more bojon. there's not really any sinister crazy shit to do, but if you want the cherry place to chill, i think this is it, at least for a little while.

    it's crazy how when you get on the road, you meet fellow bojonours who have been to mad places--our list is starting to get long. china is now in the plans, also indonesia, maybe australia/new zealand/tazmania. i'll keep you posted.

here are some pix:

temple in Udong...

Temple of Joy??

travelin' not so light in Phnom Penh...


befriending the locals...

Agent Pond

burning man or bust...

Playing Chicken

birthday billiards for special k on his thirty-third...

Old Man

puff the magic dragon...


conference call on monday... NOT!!

Happy Campers

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July 24, 2004

Livin' Large In The Tiny Universe

KD's Tiny Universe

checked in over the weekend with the hynotic soul funk that is karl denson and his tiny universe.

kd packed the independent two consecutive nights and blew the doors off the joint. the band's boundless energy is infectious, and karl himself gives the impression that he could play straight through for days. and, in fact, he can. we've seen him do it for years in new orleans. 'twas treat to see him do it in our own backyard in a venue about the size of Tipitinas.

here are a couple raw clips of the action:

all-world postive, my friends, all-world positive...

KD and crew

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July 14, 2004

Namibian Bojon

Dune City

ms. lulii sent in these shots from her recent bojourn through south africa and namibia (south west africa):

sesriem reserve...

Princess Leia

hanging with the girls in township...

The Ladies Township

clifton beach...

Paradise Beach

the tortise and the hare...

Fertile Turtle



king of the jungle...

Lion King

kickin' it with the posse...

The Posse

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July 11, 2004

Lovin' The Aqua In Nicaragua

Loose Bros

agent mcbryan sent in these photos from a recent excursion to Nicaragua with some of his bros.

the surf was cranking the whole time and rest of the scene was rather welcoming, so much so that bry's seriously considering pulling root here and relocating.

of course, we're in full support. Bojon could use a Nicaraguan outpost.

solid double overhead...


tube rides abound...


face time galore...


worth the stretch...

Get loose

goofy goin' backside...




local little leaguers doing their thing...


a nice place to call home...

Home break?

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July 06, 2004

Soul Surfing Seattle


not crowd surfing.

i'm talking waves, man. waves.

there are waves in seattle.

you just need to know where to find them.

or how to make them.

check out Yum Beer and crew SCORING SEATTLE [VIDEO] over the july fourth weekend.

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