August 31, 2004

Vicarious Ink: Out of Cambodia to Si Phan Don, Laos

Don Det Sunset

the bojourn continues for special K and agent pond.

we catch up with our heroes some where amidst the rice paddies along the way out of cambodia into laos:

    After Angkor Wat, we meandered back through Cambodia to Phnom Penh, then worked our way north up the Mekong River towards Laos. Hijinks ensued...

    Small Truck

    Rachel standing next to the world's smallest truck. Actually, I checked it out--it was originally a 100cc motorbike with an extended rear axle and a nice red aluminum shell for the front and the back. The gentleman driving it was quite pleased with our interest--I assume he had built it himself.

    Careful Elephants

    We see many road signs and billboards that seem peculiar to us farangs (Westerners, in the local parlance). Elephant crossing is definitely one that is rather rare in the states.


    and, of course, a motorcycle-riding monkey is another site not seen too often stateside. This primate commandeered a bike outside Battambang, Cambodia, but couldn't reach the kick-starter.

    Almost the Bayou

    the road to Laos actually was not a road a all. rather, a waterway taken by our boat at breakneck speed.

    Rice paddies and palm trees, a couple cows and a buffalo.

    Paddy Wagon

    and a whole slew of picturesque sunrises, including this one looking east across the Mekong at dawn.

    Mekong at dawn

too early to say mission accomplished (right mr. president), but these agents gotta good thing going out there in the wild...

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August 23, 2004

Nicaraguan Bojon - Agent McBryan Settles In

Reefer Madness

ever consider quitting your job, moving to a far off land, and starting a surf camp?

well, that's what Bojon's very own agent McBryan is up to these days. he's set up shop in Nicaragua, and he's methodically infiltrating the scene with the game plan of purchasing some beach front property and establishing a central american outpost for the Kingdom.

here's an excerpt from his first update on the operation:

    Öbeen here in Nicaragua for two weeks. I just remembered today that I forgot my fatherís birthday (sorry Dad, Iíll try to give you a call today). To say moving here has been an adjustment is a HUGE understatement, but I am adjusting - and so far, I really like it.

    Iíve been staying in this tiny town called San Juan Del Sur. Itís laid out on a grid, like a tic-tac-toe board. You can walk all the streets in about 15 minutes, and I have, almost every day. Itís a cool place that is popular among the European backpacking crowd.

    Cash Flow

    The sunsets are amazing, really breathtaking every single night. There are a few good restaurants and two Eskimo ice cream places. You really canít beat the double scoop of cookies and cream when itís hot out Ė Itís a race from the time you have the cone in your hand because ice cream doesnít take long to melt down here. We have internet connections, telephones and the power stays on most of the time. (OK, one time it went out for about 24 hours, but everyone said that was unusual)

    Bojon Sunset

    Iíve moved in with a local Nicaraguan family so that I can work on learning Spanish full time. Iím taking two hours of formal instruction from Jose, the father, every day and trying to learn everything I can from day to day interaction. The family is great. Jose is a Maestro (teacher) at the local collegio (equivalent to High School in the US), Elia is his wife and he has two children, Roberto (20) and Xiomara (16). Roberto is married and has a child of his own, but the rest of us live in small 2 bedroom, one bath house. The whole place would fit inside the living room of the place I just sold in San Francisco, so there is lots of ďinteractionĒ.


    Iíve been spending most of my time looking at real estate and surfing. There is a little wave here in town that is small, but surfable when there is swell. Itís at the river mouth and seems to be better now that weíve had lots of rain. Thatís the only option that you can walk to from town; you really have to drive to find good surf from SJDS. So far, the waves have been good. Really good. Weíve had plenty of swell and the winds have been offshore, all day, every day since Iíve been here.

    Off-Shore Breeze

    The real estate scene is going nuts and understandably everyone is trying to make a buck. Everything here is not always as it may seem so Iím glad I came down to see for myself. Itís all about the ocean front stuff right now. Lots of beautiful land being sold and some people are starting to build homes. I found two lots that we are in the process of buying and I hope to have construction on one of the lots completed by next April. And yes, itís located right at one of the best surfing beaches in the areaÖ

    Adios for now

nice, bro. keep the reports coming. the cube dwellers on this end appreciate the inspiration...

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August 16, 2004

Black Rock City Or Bust

oh my.

merry pranksters take note: there's a new magic bus on the scene, and boston Bojon's doug B FRESH is at the wheel.

check out what our boy got himself into by being the winning (ok, only) bidder in this ebay auction:

Git Some

and yes, 99 cents was the actual sale price.

lordy, lordy, this ride is purdy. check our her profile.


what a beaut!

gotta love the ebay description as well:

    This is an absolutely unique machine. It's a 1978 International Loadstar school bus that was converted to a camper many years ago. It was owned by my good friend, Dave, who lived in it for a number of years and built the unusual second story, couch, shelves, drawers, counters, etc. He moved to England about five years ago and now I am to sell it for him.

    The bus has not been driven for about five years, and the battery is missing. Dave bought and installed two new, expensive brake boosters just before he left, although the brakes are not currently functional. He says it's no big deal, just bleed 'em out and drive away.

    There was an engine fire at some point, which melted the gauges etc. but Dave installed new wiring and hoses and some new gauges (but not the speedometer; maybe it doesn't go fast enough to worry about speed).

    So maybe the bus is okay as a driving machine, maybe it's for parts, maybe it's your new home. You decide.

well, doug E fresh decided: there's only one place for a rig this sweet: Black Rock City!

Not For School

just a few minor details to take care of.

but our hero is up to the task. or up to accepting the challenge.

a stellar quality of agent FRESH is his ability to see possiblity in the face of insurmountable chaos. that and the fact that reality rarely plays a role in his decisions.

and, i'm happy to say, his latest report found him nothing short of optimistic:

    progress continues. managed to get the bus running (and moving) this weekend (had to hotwire the bitch!) tires are holding air. interior has been gutted, exterior has been stripped. Next weekend: paint job, brake job, inspection, interior design, sound system. and then i'm off.

that's right, FRESH, get that Loadster to the desert. we'll have a vat of electric koolaid acid just waitin' for ya!

Magic Bus

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August 13, 2004

Fidel Bojon

well yes, we do have an undercover brother in havana.

name and address withheld.

likely not armed. but dangerous. in a good way.

generally in a robe. okay, not always. but often.


jay rrrrr

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August 12, 2004

The Man Burns In 22 Days

Welcome Home

Burning Man fever starting to run HOT!!!

check out the email i got today from a hedy cat who was a first timer at the Burn last year. we're talking about a family man here. wife, kids, professional job. all that.

the spirit the Man inspires runs deep:

    My new jumpsuit just came in. And well, ya know, when you get a new jumpsuit, of course you gotta try it on...

    And of course, you neeeeeeeeeeeeeed a celebratory glowstick to go with it, right?

    So there I was prancing around my house last night in the jumper, waving a single lone blue glowstick, and getting all sorts of fired up that the Burn is only a couple of weeks away...

    Tonight, I buy a hat.

    If you don't hear from me in a few days, can someone please check the local loony bins? I suspect my family may be ready to have me committed...

that, my friends, is what i'm talking about!! i think i too will head out this evening and procure a lid...

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August 08, 2004

Adios Amigos!

Two Muskateers

SF Bojon chapter losing two of its finest as agents mcbryan and the SilverFox have set their sights on lands far away from the city by the bay.

mcbryan is off to nicaragua to establish a central american outpost for the Kingdom. his first order of bidness is to immerse himself in the culture, gain command of the spanish language, and catch as many double overhead tubes as is humanly possible. then, once he has the lay of the land, mcbryan is going to start a surf camp and launch a shady import/export operation.

Home break?

the SilverFox, on the other hand, is heading to south florida to judge bikini contests, chase marlin, and host Bojaunts to south beach. he will also serve as the american arm of mcbryan's shady import/export operation.

South Beach

in honor of their impending departure, SF Bojon convened at the Dirty Martini for some raucous merrymaking. here are a few shots from the action:

the SilverFox with his harem...


mcbryan and ms. lulii

Bry & Lulii

fellas already feeling the void...


one upside: more ladies to go around...


goin' out in style...


damn, fellas, you'll be missed in SF... 'twas an excellent ride!!!

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August 05, 2004

Torino 2006


the world's greatest Dane spun through the Kingdom this past week, and we managed to disturb the peace somewhat (for a wednesday).

word on the jamaican bobsled team is that they are looking good despite the relative dearth of practice ice.

and the j-bob store in montego bay is kicking ass.

perhaps the best business card out there...

Jam on It

but the real deal is Torino 2006. for those in the business of leisure, this is a must do. get it on the radar screen now 'cause this italian villa is gonna pop, and the biggest bunny is going to be in the center of it all.

550 days to go...

Be There

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