February 26, 2005

Saint Augustine In The House

St. Johns

here's a big ole shout out to a cadre of high school english students in St. Augustine, Florida who apparently have taken to tracking the Bojon Buzz as part of their class routine.

it seems that a certain heady instructor, the most ernest Mr. Little, turned his American Lit class onto the Buzz, and his students have responded favorably, finding the material a welcome alternative to some of the stodgy prose that otherwise fills the syllabus.

props to the good professor for recognizing the educational value inherant in the Bojon Way; and madd props to his class for appreciating the entertainment value intended for these thar parts.

guess it's time to tighten up the grammar and clean up the subject matter.

or not!!!

probably safe to assume that this crew is down with the conversational style and already hip to the shenanigans described herein...

onward and upward, my friends. peace out to the mighty peeps at St. J's!!!


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February 21, 2005

Lake Titicaca Is Bojon

uncle velvet tapped in a few weeks back and reported that he is merrily spreading the Bojon Way throughout the southern hemisphere.

here's a shot of the note he left on the wall of a pizza joint in puno, peru along the shores of Lake Titicaca.

Thus Spoke Uncle Velvet

excellent work, compadre...

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February 18, 2005

Capture The Curl

it's been a decidedly mixed surf season in NorCal this year. the solid days have been interspersed with the sketchy, blown-out days.

but when it's been good, it's been great. here's some pictorial proof from a swell that passed through earlier this month:

firing at sloat...


shack fu...

Lots o Green

fit for a tanker...

Shell Oil

right-hander in flight...


goofy-foot delight...


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February 15, 2005

North Cakalaki Bojon

New Recruit

the Bojon chapter in the carolinas is blossoming these days, as the crew continues to make things happen back where it all began.

special agent cox sent in this info on the latest recruit:

    Here's a little background on the lastest inductee into the Wrightsville Beach Chapter of Bojon:

    Name: Charles "Shenanagin" Petrie

    Hometown: reigns from Boston, MA.

    Background: Wholesellar for MFS mutual funds. Prides himself in bringing the bang to the party. He has a natural act for conniving and late night shennagins. Bought a fat piece of beach property in the middle of Wrightsville beach. As an intern, he's done much to promote the Bojon lifestyle in Wrightsville beach and all over North Carolina.

    Colonel White has also met Mr. Petrie and seconds my support of this new compadre simply by saying, "Oh my..."

right on, lads!!! cali sends our regards. weclome, agent petrie...

Agent Petrie

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February 11, 2005



this just in on the yam radio:
    NEWARK, N.J. (AP) - Federal agents discovered more than 6 tons of marijuana in a shipment of yams that arrived at Port Elizabeth from Jamaica, federal authorities said Wednesday.

    The 12,750 pounds of marijuana were worth at least $6 million, said Special Agent Lawrence Hardie of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. ``It's a substantial seizure,'' he said.

    The drugs were found Monday during an inspection of a freight container. Authorities said they believe a New York company listed as the importer was fictitious.

    The company's name surfaced a year earlier when Customs officers found 877 pounds of marijuana in an abandoned shipment of pumpkins.

no doubt in the Kingdom who was behind the sheYAMigans...


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February 08, 2005

Down And Dirty

Positive Vibes

the Kingdom of Bojon was sizzlin' this past weekend, as we released the hounds in honor of the mardi gras. the beads were flying, the hurricanes were flowing. and the good times were a plenty.

here is a gallery of photo highlights from the festivities (pictures courtesy of an event photography company called OvaHere).

for the full collection of pictures, check out the album posted on shutterfly.

Infinite Jest

special thanks to all who made it down to the Dirty Martini to help us celebrate. and especially MADD PROPS to Justi-Fi, a tasty nugget of a band out of livermore who kept the place groovin' all evening long.

peace out bruddhas and sistsas...


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