March 30, 2005

Kiss Me I'm Irish


twas a veritable whirlwind tour this march, as the madness of the ncaa hoops tournament kicked off on St. Patrick's Day.

a thursday night of debachery in san fran stirred the pot in traditionally chaotic fashion. good fun, as the front street scene served up a reliably festive affair.

Front Street

but alas, the downside to the upside, as friday brought on a character-building airport experience. apparently, showing up 20 minutes before one's flight does not cut it. go figure.

yet another classic penguin smackdown as the 8:30am flight left without one disgruntled passenger.


no worries. except for the fact that all the flights the rest of the day were booked.

a plethora of blood maries tempered the waiting game until finally a spot opened up mid day.

all downhill from there as vegas offered it up right out of the brochure.


bunch of the usual suspects took this year off, but a cadre of banditos still managed to raise a ruckus. excellent to hang with agents proc and hi-rew. also cool to catch with a messrs harmon and eisman and a few other college mates. all was as it should be, and nobody got rolled.

an excursion to the MGM to catch the morales fight was a special treat. sweet to take in this live event, especally since we were styled by the big man as VIPs.


the whole fight was killer, but round 9 stuck out as the hottest.

Round 9

a boisterous saturday night rounded out the weekend as we conjured up a potion that we affectionately dubbed the leprechaun. lots of merriment ensued as we sprouted red beards and donned green hats. delusions of grandeur immersed us, while our conversations with the outside world were limited to one sentence: "kiss me i'm irish."


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March 29, 2005

The Shady Side Of Steamboat

women and children beware, there's a new piva in town...

Wavy Grady

the artiste and sista amy worked their magic and produced the newest member of the bojon community:

    Grady Benjamin
    Born: 03/29/05 11:04am
    Weight: 7lbs, 7oz
    Length: 20 1/4"
    Mother and baby well and happy

muy bueno!


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March 24, 2005

You Ever Wonder...

... what the surf's like in Nicaragua today?

well, now you can find out. seems that agent mcbryan is sharpening his web skillz and is now posting a daily report on the central american surf.

to check it out, click here. it's the next best thing to being there!


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March 18, 2005

View From The Boat

annual Bojon board meeting took place in steamboat again this year...

Board Meeting

meeting notes were scarce, but downtown brown made it clear: "good representation keeps the network strong!"


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March 17, 2005

Jay Jackson

parody extraordinaire as jay leno mocks the king of pop...

Jay Jackson

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March 16, 2005

Bojon NYC + 1

word up to Bojon NYC's latest addition, brought to us by Saint Nicholas Beermonger and the wunderbar Ms. Tracy.

three cheers for ava lily, born march 7th...

Ava Lily

lady bojon was especially excited about this news since she and ava now share the same birthday.

pisces soul sistas!

a little cake to celebrate the occasion...

Lady Bojon

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March 11, 2005

Justifi Your World


the hip-hop reggae funk band Justi-Fi is coming to Slim's this week; get out there and support some live music!


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March 10, 2005

Big Wednesday

the surf's been active lately.

uh, you think?

Uh oh

some tumultuous storms around the aleutian islands near the gulf of alaska have kicked up some mack daddy swells for the last week or so.

in fact, the Maverick's surf contest was held last wednesday at the world renown big-wave spot in half moon bay. a twenty-year-old named anthony tashnick took home the prestigous title of year's annual event, which isn't held unless the waves are north of 20 feet.

"I was just lucky today," tashnick was quoted as saying in the sf chronicle's article about the event.

lucky... and good.

here's tashnick going big...


another charger dropping in...




and a killer norcal sunset to round out the day...


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March 08, 2005

Spreadin' The Love


a nice little Bojon field trip to the warfield this past weekend to catch G Love and the Special Sauce. a real treat to get our groove on with this ole skool philly cat.

here's a little bootleg from the affair:

G Love has stuck true to form over the years, and it's great to see his popularity experiencing a solid resurgence. his eclectic mix of soul, funk, hip-hop, bluesy folk sounds pretty darn fresh these days, even though he has stuck with the same base beats and the same three piece band for over a decade.

what started out as a "comeback" riding the coattails of jack johnson (whose style was actually influenced by G Love), has now crescendoed into bonafide return to fame, as witnessed by the packed house at the warfield.

it's gotta be the shoes. or at least the special sauce.

Bringin' The Sauce

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March 04, 2005

Gandalf The Great


    "May you ever appear where you are most needed and least expected! The oftener you appear in my halls the better shall I be pleased!"

Aliases: Incanus, Olorin, Tharkun, LathSpell, Grey Pilgrim, Grey Wanderer, Stormcrow, Greyhame, Mithrandir, Grey Fool, The White Rider, Zorro, Yum Beer
Date of Birth: ?
Race: Maia(ish)
Origin: Unknown
Affiliation: Beermonger
Time: 6am
Height: Tough to pinpoint, but bent
Date of Death: TBD
Alignment: Good
Ailments: None
Skills: Many
Parents: sketchy
Known For: Tenacity

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March 02, 2005

Can't Be Bothered

Not to be Bothered

uncle velvet's world tour continues. after criscrossing south america, he has now made his way to africa.

to keep track of the avuncular one's mischievous ways, check out his travel journal. clearly, my good man is having a blast, and in doing so is finding his voice.

one of his recent entries before he left for africa had a particularly strong resonance in the Kingdom:

    CAN'T BE BOTHERED - FEB 12, 2005

    Slowly but surely, "can't be bothered" has worked its way into my lexicon as a favorite phrase and one that's been put to good use here in Lima.

    Its usage is varied, but its various forms always capture the clinical insouciance that often creeps in while on the road for extended periods of time... especially as my time on this continent winds down. Examples of my new favorite phrase in action are as follows...

    The woman's thong on the dog's head would make a great photo, but I CAN'T BE BOTHERED to get off my arse to fetch the camera.

    I suspect that there are some wonderful colonial buildings (perhaps even an old church or two) and fantastic museums here in Lima, but I CAN'T BE BOTHERED to leave my bed during daylight hours to venture forth from Barranco.

    The beach at the bottom of the cliff or the paragliders flying high above it looks like good fun, but I CAN'T BE BOTHERED to go up or down.

    Yeah, I kinda look like a migrant farm worker, but I CAN'T BE BOTHERED to actually shave or get my hair cut.

    Yes Paul, I'm sure the friend of the bird you're trying to pull wants to tie me up and bust out a fresh jar of Jiffy, but I CAN'T BE BOTHERED to walk down to that end of the bar and navigate my way through a Spanglish conversation with yet another opportunistic gringo hunter.

    You get the gist.

uncle velvet, that's beautiful!

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