January 30, 2007

The Jarring Frailty Of Life

bojon is a celebration of life. it's a call to arms to embrace this world, to find your calling, and to pursue it with the utmost passion. the focus is on the positive, the stories that inspire, the good times that make you smile, and the relationships that bring fulfillment.

and one of the key underpinnings of this approach is the recognition that life is fleeting, and so you better get it while you can. make the most of every day because you never know when you're going to get tapped on the shoulder and told that the ride is over.

our circle of friends got a harsh lesson on just how ephemeral life can be a few years back when our good pal, mike duffy, was killed in an avalanche while backcountry skiing.

and now, sadly, we have just gotten another reminder of how quickly life can turn...

this past weekend, another very close compadre, jerry tuttle, passed away after abruptly coming down with a bacterial infection that rapidly overtook his system.

there's so much irony and tragedy in this development that it feels surreal. you see, mike duffy and jerry tuttle were best friends. college buds who rode the ups and the downs of life together like cosmic banditos will.

and when mike died suddenly, jerry was there to give the eulogy and to serve as the backbone for all of us who were so crushed by duffy's departure. jerry carried forward duffy's good natured spirit in a way so tangible that you could almost feel duffy's presence when jerry was around.

in fact, a big group of friends just gathered this past friday to honor duff near the third anniversary of his death. and there was jerry tuttle in the center of it all, relaying stories, sharing laughter, and keeping memories of duffy alive and well.

nobody could have guessed that jerry's time would be up the very next day.

my heart goes out to jerry's family and friends and especially to jerry's wife, steph, and their two young daughters. i know jerry's character will live on in them, and i truly hope that his spirit will give them the strength to somehow get through this.

jerry was a good man, a loyal friend, a strong leader, and a devoted family guy. if the chips were down, this is the amigo you wanted by your side. we'd all do well to heed the example he set. and to see him go down while at the top of his game is just such a devastating blow.

as a bunch of friends gathered sunday trying to make some sense of it all, there was only one thought that brought us any consolation: the idea of these two hooligans reunited in some other-world tavern, keeping each other company as they now watch over the rest of us. my oh my, fellas, may it be so...

Brothers in Arms

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January 27, 2007

Make G-Love Not War

G-Love and the Special Sauce

old-school philly rolled through town in the form of G-Love and the Special Sauce and threw down back-to-back sold out shows at the warfield.

earlier in the week, yumbeer tipped us off to the proper recipe for hanging with G-Love, and so we dove into the show well prepared (if not a tad short on an ingredient or two).

G-Love and the Special Sauce

a stellar performance across the board, with the black velvet leisure suit and the snoop dogg rendition of Gin & Juice topping the highlight reel.

G-Love and the Special Sauce

props also to the opening set from a band headed by matt costa; solid 5-man ensemble that put out some strong harmony.

here are a couple of clips from the action:

must say, G-Love seems to be getting better and better with age. a good sign for the aging hipsters and hot mamas around the world...

G-Love and the Special Sauce

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January 25, 2007

Girls Night(s) Out

Urban Cougars

and this just in from the Rockies: the ladies bojon took to the mountains this past weekend in the vicinity of vail, colorado to carve some turns and swill some martinis.

one can only surmise that some serious hall passes were earned on the home front as these hot mamas went about doing their thang...

Urban Cougars

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January 16, 2007

Northern California's Finest

Buds, Green Buds

check out the homegrown... as harvested by a bojon compadre nestled somewhere in the tasty confines of marin county.

buds the size of pine cones with the distinct aroma of a certain furry black & white creature. even better than the smell of napalm in the morning.

gotta love it when one of your biggest problems is what to do with it all...

Buds, Green Buds

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January 07, 2007


Tahoe for the Holidays

comfy blast up to tahoe for some R&R over the holidays.

snow was not of the epic variety, but first day storm did set-up a decent powder day and some residual niceness over the ensuing days.

we dialed into a stellar pad along the lake in king's beach, and so we spent our resort time at northstar. yeah, yeah, flatstar is a bit vertically challenged, but the backside is tasty on a board in good powder, and it holds the wind better than any other spot on the north shore.

and the sledding off of Rt. 267 rocks!

Tahoe for the Holidays

here are a few video clips from the action:

evening activities came in various shapes and sizes, from dinners on the town to stay-at-home movie nights.

Tahoe for the Holidays

the young-ins took to the sauce quite readily, a forboding sign of parental trauma to come.

Tahoe for the Holidays

and throw in one late night charge to nevada to check out steamboat willie and uncle ben at the hyatt casino and stir the pot a bit. the tables were lively, and the bar was livelier.

a serendipitous encounter with herman munster clinched the fun as we saddled up to the cutthroat saloon with a bunch of his crew.

Tahoe for the Holidays

good times all around.

except perhaps, for a run in with John Q. Law.

Tahoe for the Holidays

but even this worked out just fine, as the good men in blue were in a terse lecture/stern warning holiday mood.

ah ha, a nice way to bid farewell to '06 as we revved the engines to launch into '07...

Tahoe for the Holidays

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