February 29, 2008

Thunk, Creak, Knock Knock Knock

Duck at the Door

better go get irene... 'cause she'll know what to do.

and there you have it. a flair for cooking, complete mastery of the remote control, and an insatiable drive for experience.

cue the music, maestro, there's a duck at the door.

Duck at the Door

i was born in the spring and i loved it.

and when the flock arrived, the greeting was clear:

"welcome home, my friends. welcome home."

Duck at the Door

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February 22, 2008

Five Star Foo Fighters

Five Star Foo Fighters

five star familia took the oakland arena by storm to catch ex-nirvana drummer dave grohl and his cadre of foo fighters. aside from being sick on the sticks, dave grohl is well described as the man behind the man, with a chill perspective and a passion for life.

first time show for action jackson and sugar hill will. fellas, way to go big your first time out.

bet their experience was much like the one i had at the neil diamond show at the Cap Center back when i was 10.

or not.

Five Star Foo Fighters

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February 15, 2008

East, West, North Mississippi

North Mississippi Allstars

sister sleigh checked in from NYC with a report of a north mississippi allstars sighting. and on a school night no less. geez, is that still possible? apparently so.

North Mississippi Allstars

and that was just the motivation we needed to do the same as this three-person southern rock gem made its way to the left coast. well, full disclosure, our outing was on a saturday night, but who's counting.

here are a few clips from the scene:

tight band, loose crowd, good vibes all around...

North Mississippi Allstars

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